Sessions are usually ½ hour, hour and 1 ½ hour.   Typically a ½ hour massage would be a spot area or just the back, with an hour being a full body relaxation (or more intense spot area) and 1 ½ hours being a full body with emphasis on any specific areas.

Sharon specializes in Swedish, Neuromuscular and Sports Massage techniques.  Every massage is an eclectic mix of these types of massage techniques personalized to fit your needs.  No two massage are hardly ever the same!

She will consult with you before your massage to ensure you receive exactly what you need to get your desired results whether that be relaxation, rehabilitation or stress reduction.

Prices: (notice that there are no ‘added’ services… You pay for the time and Sharon specializes your treatment to your needs.)

½ hour – $48.00

1 hour – $80.00

1 ½ hour –  $112.00


Buying gift cards for yourself or someone else: 

Please call Pirkl Chiorpractic at: (507) 206 – 4660 to arrange this.  I want you to be assured that your credit card information is safe with us!!!!

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