Why is walking so hard? (I am pondering this as I sit behind the computer screen to write this blog?!)

I read a recent report on the the grade the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance (NPAPA) gave to Americans and was not completely surprised!  As a massage therapist, I constantly see the results of all of us siting in front of a computer for waaaay too many hours a day.  As a health and fitness specialist, I would see first hand that unfortunately, people do NOT know how to exercise effectively.

Being fit does not mean you have to be in the gym for hours a day.  I doesn’t even mean that you have to be in the gym! (the picture above was a free walk in close by park with well maintained trails!…. hint, hint…. it is open for hiking in the winter as well!)  Just like how I specialize massage for every person, exercise should be specialized for each person as well!  That is where help from a personal trainer, physical therapist or a sport medicine professional is important! Even if you have a degree, (like me) in exercise science, sometimes you forget to get up and move!  Need help with what, how, where, to do it?  ASK ME!!!

When the government, a personal trainer or even a physical therapist talks to the general public they do so in an ‘average’ way.  Please take that into consideration while reading the link:  click here  to the article I referenced in the beginning of this blog.

I guess the point of this blog?  GET UP AND MOVE!!!! You know the old saying… “…If you don’t move it, you’ll loose it!…”  If you need help deciding what to do or how much?  That’s what I am here for!

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